How can WE help you?

What is the one thing that potential new recipients and their families are looking for in a Residential Aged Care Facility?

They simply want to know that care and services that your organisation offers are going to meet their individual needs, requirements and wants.

So why is it then that when inquiries are made to providers, that there is just such a focus on how challenging their ‘behaviours’ may be and can you afford the fees that we charge?

This is certainly been an overwhelming theme to the customer experience calls we are making. No one is asking ‘How can WE help you?’ It sounds simple, but in most instances, it just does not happen.

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Would you place your loved one behind Barbed Wire?

Would you place your loved one behind Barbed Wire?

The Aged Care Sector is becoming increasingly competitive and consumers know what they want. It comes as no surprise that consumer-directed care is propelling all providers to transform their business operation to adopt a customer-focused approach in order to thrive and grow in what now is a very market-driven environment.

During some recent Customer Experience Audits, I saw things that can’t be unseen. During one visit, I noted overgrown gardens, residents dressed in summer clothing in the middle of winter, rubbish bags in the corridors creating a foul odour and large groups of residents unattended in dirty activities rooms. I was overwhelmed by the smell of used incontinence aids and just wanted to grab a bottle of disinfectant and start cleaning.

Oh and wait for it… ….one facility, that I visited recently, had barbed wire fencing. When I asked a staff member about it, they replied “they hadn’t noticed it before”.  It begs the question: What else goes unnoticed?

Would you place your loved one behind Barbed Wire?

It can take a tenth of a second for someone to judge what they see and form a first impression.

Knowing your Customer Experience will be your competitive differentiator if you want to succeed in the ‘Age of the Customer’.

Our Services will help…

  • You see your business through your customer’s eyes
  • Raise the level of service on offer at your organisation through detailed service reports, identifying areas of improvement
  • Help maximise the sales potential of every customer
  • Boost your bottom line
  • Increase your team’s product knowledge
  • Identify areas for further training and development
  • You evaluate & compare your service offerings with your key competitors

Our Services include:

  • Mystery Site Visits:
  • Phone Enquiry Monitoring:
  • Inquiry Responsiveness:
  • Post Arrival Customer Experience Interviews:
  • Customer Experience Interviews:
  • Local Competitor Analysis

We look forward to speaking with you further about customising a “Customer Expectation Audit Package” for your organisation.

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Do you know what your potential customers think of you?

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Do you know what your potential customers think of you? Well one of our client’s now does.

Recently an Aged Care Provider of a standalone facility approached The HDR Group to better understand why they were experiencing significant occupancy challenges and why they do not have a “waiting list”. They had just spent a significant amount of money on a refurbishment and they needed the beds to be filled!

They had a keen interest in learning about the ‘sales techniques’ of their competitors and to see how their facilities approach compared. We used our approach to customise a Customer Experience Audit specifically for the them, based on a potential new Aged Care Resident looking for permanent placement.

Firstly, we focussed on their facility and the results while disappointing but not unexpected, were considerably worse than expected. When we contacted the facility, there were a number of challenges in providing a unified Customer Experience. These ranged from:

Personnel not identifying themselves

Advising that the person we needed to speak to about a possible admission was very hard to get a hold of. They were right!  After 3 further attempts to call, we eventually spoke with the admissions officer (who worked full time).

We were advised that group tours were conducted between 1-3pm Tuesday and Thursdays. There were no other tour times available. This all came as a real shock to the Facility Owner.

Minimal information provided over the phone. – Certainly not enough to make us as a customer want to explore the facility as an option.

Following this, we contacted 5 for profit facilities and the results once again were very mixed.

2 of the facilities that we contacted, we were able to speak with the Site Manager, who were both very knowledgeable but more importantly, passionate about their facility. They wanted to know what we were looking for and they explained how they could best meet my requirements. A positive experience that definitely said, “come here and you will be looked after!”

The other 3 for profit phone enquiries were less than average. Overall, there was a real sense of lack of interest in the customer and none of the people that we spoke with really highlighted why I should choose their facility as our aged care provider.

One facility didn’t know if they had any vacancies or what the current waiting looked like.  We called another facility to speak with their admissions officer and after 3 attempts, we have still have not heard back from them.

We moved on to NFP Providers and we spoke with another 5 facilities. The results again were very average. Here are some of fails:

  • Advised no vacancies so ‘just submit an application’
  • When we asked about the facility features we were asked “well what do you want to know? We have a website you know?’
  • We were advised we could be waiting 3 months – they didn’t suggest a tour or putting in an application
  • Unable to explain how the financials work as they did not understand it themselves

Overall, only 20% of our client’s competitors provided exceptional customer services over the phone. One of these facilities has a very similar service offering to our client and they have no vacancies and a 1-2 month waiting list.

So where to from here for our Client? There is a fantastic opportunity here for them to capitalise on the poor customer experience on offer in their local area and here is how together, we are now going to do it!

The HDR Group will:

  • Conduct a full review of their new resident admissions enquiry process including further mystery calls and visits.
  • Interviews will be conducted with their newest residents to learn about how they found the whole experience from enquiry to admission
  • Customer Experience training will also be provided for all staff
  • A full Customer Experience audit will be conducted again in 6 months

If you would like to learn more about the tailored Customer Experience Auditing programs that The HDR Group has on offer, please call Rhonda Withers on 0438 748 846 or email

How do you fix a problem, if you don’t know why there is a problem?

Reduce Harm From Communication Failures

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Failings in our Aged Care System have been something that has been widely reported in the Media this year including serious breaches of employee practices, facility processes and serious non-compliance with AACQA accreditation standards.

In response, numerous Aged Care providers are said to be taking immediate action to address processes and staff practice failures by implementing a range of immediate changes and improvements. So, it begs the questions:

How do you improve Resident care and reduce harm from communication failures?

How do you improve quality and standards and by providing levels of governance and visibility that protect residents, clinicians and the organisation as a whole?

I am really excited about a new Software Service called Importal. It makes communication simple, transparent and effective. Importal distributes all the important information such as clinical guidelines, updated procedures, lessons from losses from managers to front line staff. It provides managers with complete visibility into who has received, opened, downloaded the message and also acknowledged they have read the information. To find out more, you can Rhonda Withers on 0438 748 846 or register your details here: