Reduce Harm From Communication Failures

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Failings in our Aged Care System have been something that has been widely reported in the Media this year including serious breaches of employee practices, facility processes and serious non-compliance with AACQA accreditation standards.

In response, numerous Aged Care providers are said to be taking immediate action to address processes and staff practice failures by implementing a range of immediate changes and improvements. So, it begs the questions:

How do you improve Resident care and reduce harm from communication failures?

How do you improve quality and standards and by providing levels of governance and visibility that protect residents, clinicians and the organisation as a whole?

I am really excited about a new Software Service called Importal. It makes communication simple, transparent and effective. Importal distributes all the important information such as clinical guidelines, updated procedures, lessons from losses from managers to front line staff. It provides managers with complete visibility into who has received, opened, downloaded the message and also acknowledged they have read the information. To find out more, you can Rhonda Withers on 0438 748 846 or register your details here:



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