Would you place your loved one behind Barbed Wire?

Would you place your loved one behind Barbed Wire?

The Aged Care Sector is becoming increasingly competitive and consumers know what they want. It comes as no surprise that consumer-directed care is propelling all providers to transform their business operation to adopt a customer-focused approach in order to thrive and grow in what now is a very market-driven environment.

During some recent Customer Experience Audits, I saw things that can’t be unseen. During one visit, I noted overgrown gardens, residents dressed in summer clothing in the middle of winter, rubbish bags in the corridors creating a foul odour and large groups of residents unattended in dirty activities rooms. I was overwhelmed by the smell of used incontinence aids and just wanted to grab a bottle of disinfectant and start cleaning.

Oh and wait for it… ….one facility, that I visited recently, had barbed wire fencing. When I asked a staff member about it, they replied “they hadn’t noticed it before”.  It begs the question: What else goes unnoticed?

Would you place your loved one behind Barbed Wire?

It can take a tenth of a second for someone to judge what they see and form a first impression.

Knowing your Customer Experience will be your competitive differentiator if you want to succeed in the ‘Age of the Customer’.

Our Services will help…

  • You see your business through your customer’s eyes
  • Raise the level of service on offer at your organisation through detailed service reports, identifying areas of improvement
  • Help maximise the sales potential of every customer
  • Boost your bottom line
  • Increase your team’s product knowledge
  • Identify areas for further training and development
  • You evaluate & compare your service offerings with your key competitors

Our Services include:

  • Mystery Site Visits:
  • Phone Enquiry Monitoring:
  • Inquiry Responsiveness:
  • Post Arrival Customer Experience Interviews:
  • Customer Experience Interviews:
  • Local Competitor Analysis

We look forward to speaking with you further about customising a “Customer Expectation Audit Package” for your organisation.

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