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The HDR Group Recruitment Services

The HDR Group Vision Statement:

Through our significant industry knowledge and connections, we create innovative and genuine recruitment solutions that successfully deliver uncompromising commitment to excellence. Through people, strategy and partnership, we will help you successfully navigate your highest identified risk – your workforce.


The HDR Group offers clients exceptional recruitment solutions and it was founded in response to the growing skills shortage experienced across the country by Healthcare providers.

Why do we deliver such amazing results for our clients:

  • We understand the everyday challenges confronting our clients
  • We understand the nature of the roles and what is required to be successful
  • We understand how to match candidate & client together based on their values
  • We have an established position of trust with clients and candidates providing a strong referral base which gives us fantastic “reach” to identify candidates
  • Have effective processes to attract, assess and screen for quality and fit in a decreasing pool of candidates

The Healthcare industry has significantly altered the traditional candidate profile at all levels. There is absolutely no denying that demand has increased – through demographic and market forces – for staff at all levels, creating an intensely competitive market.

  • The HDR Group will manage all your staffing requirements, including:
  • High volume (bulk) and outsourced recruitment projects
  • Nursing, Allied Health and Clinical supervisory staff
  • Senior Management, Executive and C suite roles

We have long-term specialist consultants that are skilled industry experts that understand the challenges of the roles that they are recruiting for. Our service is unrivalled as we provide genuine recruitment solutions, not just CV’s to read.

We do not cold call or take a reverse market approach. We are not aggressive, and we do not have any KPI’s set around sending out unqualified candidates and CV’s to clients in order to reach aggressive sales targets.

Our approach is simple: We offer genuine solutions based on extensive sector knowledge, understanding, experience and skill in the areas that you are recruiting for.

Ever wondered what an exclusive arrangement is? Well, it means you grant The HDR Group exclusivity – much like if you were selling your home…..


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We will become an advocate for you in the Marketplace and will work with your organisation’s best interests at heart to get you the best candidates for your organisation.

Why Work Exclusively with The HDR Group:

On the surface, sending out a current job vacancy to multiple agencies may appear to be a better option. An exclusive arrangement gives you advantages you have not have thought about:

  • You have a genuine working relationship with a single organisation – we will provide a tailored targeted approach
  • The HDR Group will work harder on your behalf
  • The HDR Group will work with you to make sure you get the best talent in the marketplace
  • Exclusive arrangements attract better candidates than open listings which are listed with multiple agencies

When you work with The HDR Group, we will work with you. We will offer genuine advice about the state-of-play in the current workforce.  We will work out an advertising and marketing strategy for you to attract the best candidates.

In short, when you with work The HDR Group exclusively, you will have a professional team working on your behalf. With an open recruitment process, where multiple agencies are involved, recruiters will compete against each other instead of acting on your behalf. They may present any candidates (often unqualified) and try to convince you to accept it. Your genuine recruitment need will not be their priority…their priority will be trying to secure a fee before the other agencies. We like to call it the dog and bone scenario…

Recruitment is not a resume race anymore. It’s a talent acquisition business” (Greg Savage) 


At The HDR Group, we don’t spend our time or money on hiring expensive sales consultants and Business Development Managers. We don’t waste our money on cold calling or working on roles where the client has not engaged our services. We work in genuine partnerships with organisations to find them genuine solutions for their recruitment and workforce challenges

We focus on partnerships long-term relationships and our referral base comes from these partnerships and word-of-mouth referrals.

We offer our clients cost-effective solutions for their recruitment challenges because we don’t waste money on chasing business that doesn’t align with our values.

We reward our clients with a Loyalty Sliding Scale Pricing Model.

Contact us now for a no obligation chat about how we can work together to secure you the best talent in the marketplace. You can call Rhonda on 0438 748 846 or email


The HDR Group offers an exceptional Candidate Care program and we have a team of specialist consultants that are skilled industry experts that understand the challenges of the roles that you are looking for.

When you speak with us about your career, we will offer you seasoned and experienced consultants that understand the challenges of the roles you are seeking.

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When you work with The HDR Group, we will work with you. We will offer you genuine advice about the state-of-play in the current marketplace.

Every step in our Candidate Care program is very important to us.  We manage this experience extremely well, and we offer a very positive experience for every candidate.

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Regardless of how long the Recruitment and Selection Process takes, we will communicate with you. We know that communication is key.

We will offer constructive and professional feedback where required. Our Candidate Care Program is focussed on offering genuine roles (not shopping list Recruitment Advertisements) and we provide accurate information on the company and the role including an up to date Job Description. We provide regular updates and honest and professional feedback and we are highly skilled at not only looking outside of the usual box but thinking like there is no box.

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If you are considering a career move or would simply like to have a discussion about your career, we would love to hear from you.

Please call Rhonda on 0428 748 846 or via email

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