Be a resource, not a sales pitch….

Be a resource, not a sales pitch….

It was highlighted in the “Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety” interim report that the decision to enter a Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) often follows a traumatic event, such as a fall or a sudden decline in health. The report also highlighted that older people and their families often find that their choices are limited, and that they have the right to expect they will be given useful information. Sadly, useful information is the exception, not the rule.

During recent Customer Experience Visits (mystery shopping), we have found the information provided, in most instances by a customer service officer (CSO), to often be generic, transactional and very focussed on:

  • the potential consumers financial situation (ability to pay),;
  • level of dementia the potential consumer has and,;
  • the facilities inability to provide restorative care

We have found that the CSO’s very rarely asks what the consumer is looking for, for example ‘How can WE help you?’ It sounds simple, but in most instances, it just does not happen. It is often a ‘Hard Sell’ with unnecessary pressure being applied to ‘take the bed’.

There is such a thing as a “bad sale” in Residential Aged Care. RACF staff should not be ‘pulling out all the stops’ and ‘talking someone into’ taking a bed. This can be extremely traumatic for the resident and it can also damage goodwill and the reputation of your company.

The transition from a person’s home into RACF is a very stressful and challenging time. It is essential that the CSO or the person conducting the tour, are asking pertinent questions so that they can understand the potential consumer’s situation and their individual needs and requirements. It is about building rapport – new consumers want to speak to someone that is knowledgeable about the residential aged care facility. They want to put at ease and feel comfortable placing themselves or loved one into a RACF.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Do you know what potential consumers experience when they contact and visit your organisation? Are they provided with useful information to help them make an informed decision? Are you staff sympathetic and empathetic to the trauma that the customer is feeling or are they pressuring the consumer into making a decision that may not be right for them?

The HDR Group are here to find out how your staff represent your company in the aged care industry. We have a highly experienced team of aged care professionals that will explore the end-to-end experience potential customers have with your organisation. Our detailed reports will provide compelling insights into how your organisation is viewed through the eyes of the potential consumer.

Please contact Rhonda Withers on 0438 748 846 or via email to schedule your customer experience visits.

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