Know your Customer Experience

What are some of the top things that potential villagers are looking for in a Retirement community?

We recently conducted some Retirement Community Customer Experience audits – 2 communities within 2.5km of each other.

One had an extensive waiting list & the other had a significant amount of ‘houses’ for sale.


As a potential consumer, it was very easy to see & understand why one of the villages had an extensive waiting list.

It is also interesting to note that in this instance, price really had nothing to do with the waiting list. The entry price was very similar at both villages – the village with the extensive list offered only one pricing option. The village with vacancies offered some genuine options to reduce the overall fees & charges.

Knowing your Customer Experience will be your competitive differentiator.

If you would like to speak with me about why the village had an extensive waiting list & customising a package of customer expectation auditing (mystery shopping) for your retirement villages, please call Rhonda 0438 748 846 or email


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