Praise makes you feel good. Critique makes you better

How did we go?

If done well, the admission process for a new aged care services user will lay great foundations for a meaningful transition into aged care services.


If the new consumer & their family are disengaged from the beginning, it may be very difficult to re-engage with them.

Feedback from new consumers & their families is crucial; it is how you improve. 


Assessment & Monitoring against the new Aged Care Quality Standards will also require organisations to provide regular input & feedback from consumers.


So how do you gauge what worked & what didn’t?


Ask them!


• Were the financial aspects discussed in a respectful & non-threatening way? Were you given choices?

• Were they & their family provided with all the information they require to make an informed decision?

• Were the facility staff empathetic or was pressure applied?

• Was every effort made to meet their needs, wants & desires?


The HDR Group specialises in conducting engaging interviews with your chosen number of new consumers & their families to deliver frank, candid, independent & honest feedback based on their experience.


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