Let’s talk Recruitment Agency Experiences

Let’s talk Recruitment Agency Experiences

I have spoken with many candidates & colleagues in the Aged Care Sector over the past 15 years about their recruitment ‘Stories’.

I recently spoke with a highly experienced Professional that had applied for a Senior position with a well known Aged Care Organisation through a large recruitment agency.

Her story, though not uncommon, is disappointing.

3 weeks after applying for the role, she was contacted by the agency & they only divulged the name of the organisation.No other detail. No PD. The recruiter didn’t know what AHPRA registration was (I kid you not).

2 weeks later, she was contacted again by the agency & they advised her that she had been presented to the organisation & she had been shortlisted. My colleague had not given her permission to be represented by this agency & she hadn’t been interviewed by them.

My colleague contacted the organisation & advised them of her experience. They were shocked. They were shocked because they knew that the fee that they would paying for this appointment was over $20K.

Do you know how recruitment agencies are representing your brand in the marketplace?

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