Privacy And Dignity.

There are currently 12 Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) in Australia with sanctions & 160 with notices of non-compliance. One of these homes only meets 10 out of the required 44 standards.  The majority of these homes are in NSW.

The major reasons for sanctions & non-compliances being imposed are HR, Clinical Care, Behaviour & Skin. I also noticed that there is a significant number of RACF’s with non-compliances in standard 3.6 Privacy & Dignity.

I read these reports to see why facilities are not meeting this fundamental basic human rights. The results were quite shocking.

Consistently homes were found not to respect & recognise the care recipient’s privacy, dignity & confidentiality. Care recipients & representatives are not satisfied with the mechanisms in place to adequately address & resolve concerns. Call bell times impact on the dignity of care recipients & there are no systems to ensure privacy are dignity is respected in accordance with the individuals needs.

Don’t get me started about the visible faeces on linen and clothes.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what measures you to take to ensure the privacy, dignity & confidentiality of all residents is recognised and respected.

#humanrights #dignity #agedcare #residentialcare

Privacy and Dignity


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