Let’s talk about Fridges.

Let’s talk about Fridges.

Yes, that’s right…I am curious to hear your thoughts on this!

Through my customer experience auditing (mystery shopping), I have received very conflicting information from residential aged care facilities about residents ‘right’ to have bar fridge in their own room.

The conflicting advice consists of:

• Bar Fridges are provided by the facility for all residents in their own room

• Residents are welcome to bring in their own bar fridge for their room

• No Fridges are allowed in the resident rooms – Accreditation dictates that the resident fridges will require temperature monitoring and recording 3 times a day.


If the fridge has been checked (tested and tagged), is it fair to say that residents are able to have a small bar fridge in their room (their home) if they desire?

Or do fridges in resident rooms bring an unacceptable level of risk to the facility?

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