First Impressions – Customer Experience

First Impressions.

During a recent on-site audit, an admissions officer responsible only for filling beds, advised me that residents are ‘selected’ and deemed acceptable (through their own rigorous process).

I would have to wait to be advised if the new resident application had been successful.

There were no questions about what the resident was looking for.

This ‘sales’ approach was very cold & to be honest ‘a bit rich’ as the facility resembled an old school institution. Barbed wire on the fencing made the facility feel more like a prison than someone’s home.

A tour of the facility highlighted that it was in desperate need of general maintenance, a good clean and refurbishment.

The facility was also noisy & none of the staff said hello to me throughout the tour.

The corridors were cluttered with equipment & rubbish bags. Large groups of residents were noted to be unattended in the various activity areas.

The garden & courtyard maintenance were appalling. Would you like to know what a customer’s first impression of your facility is?

Let’s have a chat about a customised customer experience audit for your organisation to see what your potential customers first impression of your facility is.

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