Working in Aged Care is Tough

Working in Aged Care is Tough. It is hard work. It is shift work. It is often thankless work. The wages are abysmal, and staff are often on call 24 hours without being remunerated….

I find it very disappointing when an Aged Care targeted media story (this week it is food cost/per resident/per day) hits our TV screens that it always inevitability turns into an industry bashing news story about the Aged Sector as a whole.

Yes, sadly, there are facilities that do not reach the standard of care that we expect for older Australian’s. This is, of course, is simply unacceptable. However, there are also thousands of hard-working and dedicated staff working in the industry to provide the best possible care to all residents in their facility.

It is also easy to sometimes forget that in Australia we have an aged care system, where every older Australian will receive aged care services if they require it despite their ability or inability to pay for their care. We also have an Aged Care Complaints Commissioner – a free service that residents, their families and friends can use if they have a concern or complaint about any of the care their loved one is receiving in a government-funded facility.

I don’t think our Aged Care System is broken. Is there room for improvement…always!

Today, I say thank you to all those that dedicate their working life to taking care of older Australians. Without you, we do not have an Aged Care System….

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