Access to Accurate & Appropriate Information

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According to the My Aged Care Website, there are currently 33 homes with current notices of non-compliance and 7 homes with current sanctions across Australia. The majority of these are in QLD, NSW and SA.

The reports are damning, and they consistently show that Management and staff do not have access to accurate and appropriate information to help them perform their roles. It also highlights that care plans are not reflective of the care recipients care requirements and changes to care recipients’ clinical needs are not being communicated. There are significant failures in the way that important information is distributed to all members of the team so there is a shared understanding of care recipients’ current needs.

How do we make communication simple, transparent and effective?

Communication systems such as Importal distribute all the important information such as clinical guidelines, updated procedures and changes in care recipients care requirements. It provides managers with complete visibility into who has received, opened, downloaded the message and also acknowledged they have read and understood the information.

If your information system is fragmented, inconsistent and insufficiently monitored, please Contact Rhonda on 0438 748 846 or via email

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