Worth the wait? 

Worth the wait?

Some things can’t be unseen.

On a recent mystery shopping visit, we waited 20 minutes past our scheduled appointment time for the customer liaison officer to greet us.

During this time, we observed a lack of responsiveness to the residents by facility staff.

The tour was generic and transactional and it only provided information about the facility. It did not focus on what we were actually looking for.

When potential care recipients are looking for a RAC facility, they are not just looking for information about the facility and a friendly tour guide. They are wondering if this is the right facility for their loved one.

Our team of experienced industry professionals are skilled at capturing information and facility insights and providing detailed reports that highlight relevant information for the client rather than an opinion of a generalist mystery shopper based on their interaction with facility staff.

If you want to find out what your potential customers are experiencing when they arrive at your facility, please head to http://www.thehdrgroup.com

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