Working Exclusively – What are the Benefits?

Ever wondered what an exclusive arrangement is? Well, it means you grant a recruitment organisation exclusivity – much like if you were selling your home…..


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THE HDR GROUP will become an advocate for you in the Marketplace and we will work with the organisations best interests at heart to get you the best candidates for your organisations.

Why Work Exclusively with The HDR Group:

On the surface, a sending out a current job vacancy to multiple agencies may appear to be a better option. An exclusive arrangement gives you advantages you have not have thought about:

  • You have a genuine working relationship with our organisation that will provide a tailored targeted approach
  • We will work harder on your behalf
  • We will work with you to make sure you get the best talent in the marketplace for your organisation
  • Exclusive arrangement tends to attract better candidates than open listings that are listed with multiple agencies

In short, when you work with The HDR Group, you will have a professional team working on your behalf. With an open recruitment process, where multiple agencies are involved, recruiters will compete against each other instead of acting on your behalf. They may present any candidates (often unqualified) and try to convince you to accept it. Your genuine recruitment need will not be their priority…their priority will be trying to secure a fee for the other agencies. We like to call it the dog and bone scenario…


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