CEO Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne Hostel

We engaged Rhonda Withers and the Customer Expectation Services of The HDR Group and I have to say that the insights that we have gained into our own processes and the approach of competitors has been absolutely priceless.

The Aged Care Market has become so competitive and we needed to make sure that we were meeting the needs of our potential new residents and providing them with all the information that they require.

We were also provided with so much information and insight into what our competitors are doing, and we have quite simply been able to capitalise on these weaknesses.

We have used the information gathered from The HDR Group reports to refine our processes and provide additional training to our staff on how to meet the expectations of our customers.

The fundamental difference between the ‘mystery shopping’ services I have used in the past and Rhonda and The HDR Group, is that they are highly experienced aged care professionals, and this was very much reflected in the detail and quality of the reports and the service provided.

We have immediately seen the benefit of looking at our service and our competitors through the eyes of our potential customers and I would highly recommend Rhonda and The HDR group to any organisation that is looking for Customer Expectation Services.  They are true professionals and the results represent value that you just can’t put a price on!

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